Do you want to join our crew? Really? Don't send CV or motivation message. Go to our discord server (click) and write to #recruiting.
We are recruiting new members to our team! We work on Multiplayer FPS Game - Last Action which will include fast paced infantry and vehicle gameplay, game won't be with best graphic and realistic setting, it will be new arcade shooter which can be compared to 2012 shooters like RC2, Combat and Battlefield F2P. Remember, that we are Indies working on games only as HOBBY, we are not making money from it and our game will be F2P. So, who of you are we recruiting?
1.  Programmers (experienced in Photon Network or data saving)
2. 3D Modelers/Animators (Blender is recommended)
3. UI Designers (background arts and logos)
4. Sound makers (soundtrack for Main Menu and sounds of guns)

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